Club Waiver

If you have not signed a liability waiver and plan to attend a Club function please print this page, sign, and bring it with you to the Club function.

Liability Waiver

Important – Please Read Carefully Before Signing

The Gold Hills Posse 4×4 Club is a non-profit, volunteer run club which was formed to unite people interested in exploring the outdoors.

Four-wheeling and hiking are activities which are inherently dangerous and can result in injury, death, and/or vehicular damage.

While the Posse’s Club Officers and Trail Boss will make every attempt to reduce the chances of injury, death, and/or vehicle damage occurring, they cannot guarantee any participant’s safety, or that damage will not occur to their vehicle. It is the responsibility of members, prospective members, and guests to oversee the safety of themselves, juveniles in their charge, and their vehicles. Trails will vary in difficulty and vehicles vary in the extent of modification. It is the responsibility of each driver to know their driving and vehicle limitations. If a trail or sections of trail looks beyond your capabilities, or you have any doubts – DO NOT CONTINUE!!! Make your reservations known to others and we will attempt to adjust our route accordingly, if possible, or offer other alternatives. You always have the option of turning around and avoiding the obstacle in front of you.

By signing the waiver form below, I acknowledge that I have read the above information which outlines the dangers of four-wheeling and hiking activities. I agree to take complete responsibility for my safety, the safety of any passengers or juveniles in my charge, and any damage that may occur to my vehicle. Also, by signing below, I agree to hold Gold Hills Posse Officers, their family and any future club officials or officers, and their families free from civil liability and/or lawsuits resulting from a Posse sponsored event, or any event which the Gold Hills Posse attends.

This Liability Waiver form covers all Gold Hills Posse sponsored, or attended events taking place on or after the date signed.

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