Barrett Lake Day Trip Sept 16th

September 16, 2018 all-day

Hey all!

I am going to be doing a trip in and out to Barrett Lake on Sept 16th. This is going to be a pre-run trip for a run I am leading Sept 27-29. So, I need to make sure I make it all the way in to the lake and back out at a pretty good pace. So, along with club requirements, if you want to come along, I am asking for front and rear lockers, 35s and a winch.

Meet at chevron fresh pond at 7am. On the trail by 8:15-8:30am.


Let me know if you want to go.

85 4runner, 5.29s, dual ARBs, chormoly all around, disc brakes all around, dual cased (250:1 crawl), 37s on weld on beadlocks, trussed both ends, winch, Ham Radio (general licensed, 2m/70cm/6m/10m capabilities on the rig), 2.5ton chevy 63s on 8" shackles in the rear, 5" TG on 8" shackles in the front, 3" body lift, FJ80 HP front, IFS toyota rear, hi steer, + more!