Trail Rating

To make it easier for you to determine if a run will be suitable for your vehicle and/or family, below you will find our general trail rating system. If a trail is new to us, we will indicate so on the run announcement, and include whatever information we have about it. Naturally, weather conditions and other forces can change the difficulty level of a trail from day to day. If you still have questions about a particular trail please post your question on the Club forum an we will be glad to answer.


Easy – A logging-type trail or easy off road trail. 4wd required with occasional low range possible. Body damage is very unlikely. Some trails that fall into this category are Gold Lake, Long Canyon, and Barney Riley.


Moderate – Four-wheel drive and low range required. Body damage unlikely but possible. Some wheeling experience helpful. Some trails in this category are Strawberry, Hell Hole, Deer Valley, and Slick Rock Trail.


Difficult – Low range, lockers, and 33″ tires required. Body damage is highly possible, drive train damage possible. Four-wheeling experience needed. Trails in this category include Rubicon, Barrett Lake, and Fordyce.

Very Difficult

Very Difficult – Highly modified vehicle required with 35″+ tires, lockers, strong axles and body protection. Body and drive train damage almost guaranteed. Experienced drivers only. Trails and obstacles in this category include Hammers, Soup Bowl, and Little Sluice.