I. Name

  1. The name of this organization shall be known as “The Gold Hills Posse 4×4 Club”.

II. Purpose

  1. To unite those with a love of four-wheeling and other outdoor activities.
  2. Offer outings where friends, spouses, and children can attend and feel welcome.
  3. Schedule various runs rated from “easy” through “difficult”, so that there is something for everybody.
  4. Share knowledge, experience, and assist those new to four-wheeling.

III. Definitions

  1. Club Event – A Club Event shall be a planned event, which is on the official Posse 4×4 Club Calendar. An event is an activity that does not normally involve or require four-wheel drive usage.
  2. Planned Club Run – A Planned Club Run shall be a planned or unplanned activity where the usage of four-wheel drive is required. Planned runs may be posted on the official Posse 4×4 Club Calendar and members should be notified at least 30 days in advance.
  3. Unplanned Club Run – An Unplanned Club Run may or may not be posted on the official Posse 4×4 Club Calendar. Notification of the run should either be communicated via posting in the “Trail Runs / Events” section of the club forum, via an informal phone call to club members, or via e mail notification. To be considered as an official run, a minimum of four vehicles, including two club members and their vehicles, must be in attendance.
  4. Club Dues / Membership Fees – A non-refundable fee that is required of all club member families. This fee shall be used to pay for expenses limited to club activities, fees, club approved charitable donations and other miscellaneous costs associated with the club. Pre-approved expenditures may be reimbursed by submitting an original receipt to the Treasurer for payment. Club dues are collected at each January and/or February meeting.

IV. Membership

  1. Membership within “The Gold Hills Posse 4×4 Club” is open to owners of any four-wheel drive vehicle, with the limitation that the vehicle contains at least a 2-speed transfer case.
  2. Minimum member age will be 21. Exceptions may be made for individuals over the age of 18, but under 21, by a majority vote.
  3. Membership is automatically extended to spouses, and children under the age of 21 years old. Once a child reaches the age of 21, they must apply for separate membership.

V. Official, Prospective & Associate Members

Official Members:

  1. Pending Member status is established after a Prospective Member (PM) attends at least three (3) Official runs or events, and three (3) monthly meetings within a year’s time OR attends six (6) Official runs within a year’s time (one Club Event may be substituted for one of the six Official runs).
  2. After satisfying the above requirements, and confirming that the PM does indeed wish to be an Official Member, a vote may take place (by Official members) to grant Official membership.
  3. Official Member status is obtained by hosting a BBQ and paying their dues obligation, after reaching PM status. BBQ hosting can be managed from several different approaches and PMs are encouraged to ask Official Members regarding suggestions in this area.
  4. The new Official member will receive their club decals, be granted priority in attending Posse runs and events (if attendance is limited), have voting rights (Board elections, etc.), motion rights (at meetings), and will be granted access to the “Posse 4×4 Club Talk” section of the forum. Only Official Members in active standing may run club decals. Official Members will be required to pass a vehicle-requirements check prior to receiving their decals. The vehicle requirements are outlined in section X, subsection 8.
  5. Dues for Official Members are $20. Dues include the club membership fee, per family (non-refundable). Cal4Wheel fees are not required for active membership. Membership dues are paid separately and must be current as part of the active-status requirement. Cal4Wheel dues are handled by a volunteering club officer/member and also paid separately. Membership in Cal4Wheel or other land-use organization is encouraged of all members.
  6. The Gold Hills Posse encourages active participation by its members. To remain in active standing with the club, members are expected to attend 6 meetings, events or runs within each year, as well as being current with their dues obligation. Exceptions will be made if formal notice has been given to the club for special leaves of absence.
  7. To maintain Official Member status, club members must attend one of the two trail maintenance runs each year. The club unanimously approved adopting a trail, and is now required to maintain it. Vehicles are not required for this run. Members can ride or walk for this event. Any Exception must be formally requested and may be granted one time (one year). These run dates are posted a minimum of 90 days in advance (by the Trail master), so attendees may schedule appropriately.
  8. Club members that have not maintained their active status may be re-classified as an Associate Member at the discretion of the club officers, or with a majority club vote.
  9. Club membership can be revoked at any time by a majority vote. The club president may proactively notify any “probationary” members to make them aware of concerns and offer a chance to return to member status once outstanding issues have been addressed.
  10. Club Members are expected to behave in a responsible and safe manner and project a positive image of the club. This includes, but is not limited to activities that take place on runs, events, and posting on the forum.

Prospective Members:

  1. An individual or family shall be eligible to become a prospect upon attendance of two runs and two club meetings, or 4 runs (planned or unplanned) within a 6-month period.
  2. An individual or family may become an official prospect after meeting the above qualifications and expressing continued interest in the club.
  3. An individual or family shall be required to pay the annual $20 club membership fee in order to be considered an official prospect and will then be allowed to view the member website forums.
  4. Prospective Members are expected to behave in a responsible and safe manner and project a positive image of the club.

Associate Members:

  1. An Associate Member is someone who wishes to attend club runs and/or events occasionally, but is unable (or has no desire) to get further involved with the functions or commitments of a club. Associate Members are not considered active members and do not have club voting privileges. Associated Members are required to pay the annual $20 club membership fee in order to remain in associate member status, and continue viewing member website forums.
  2. Official Members may be either added as an Associate Member or formally invited to be an Associate Member.
  3. Associate Members should check with club officials prior to attending any run or event (to confirm there are not too many vehicles already going, etc.)
  4. Associate Members may request that their status be upgraded to Prospective or Official membership at any time after showing active participation.
  5. Club Associate Membership can be revoked at any time by a majority vote or failing to meet the active-status requirement outlined in V.7 within one year of becoming Associate Member status.
  6. Associate Members, while participating in club related runs or events, are expected to behave in a responsible and safe manner and project a positive image of the club.

VI. Officers and Duties

  1. President – Should represent the Posse at 4WD related functions, performs as an emergency signatory for the club bank account, organizes and oversees monthly meetings, monitors Posse member activity at events/runs, and addresses problems if they occur. President will make final decisions (if present) on other issues as they occur (i.e. – outside requests for assistance, placing members on probationary status if they violate any rules or bylaws, etc.) After soliciting input from members, make final decisions on what “official” events/runs the Posse will participate in (and days/dates). The president also reserves the club meeting location at least one year in advance. This position serves a one-year term.
  2. Vice President – May represent the Posse at 4WD related functions/meetings, is the primary point for monitoring Posse member activity at events/runs, address problems if they occur, and is the secondary signature for the club’s bank account. If the President is not present, make final decisions on other issues as they occur (i.e. – outside requests for assistance, placing members on probationary status if they violate any rules or bylaws, etc.) They shall also oversee monthly club meetings if the President is unable to attend. The position manages member-status tracking for the club. They monitor meeting and run attendance with the input of fellow officers and record progress of new attendees towards member status. The Vice President position may also choose to serve as the club’s representative at Cal4Wheel meetings. This position is responsible for maintaining and distributing the club interest cards to both officers and members. The position serves a one-year term.
  3. Webmaster – Maintains the club website, approves member and prospect board viewing rights based on President recommendation, and is the lead moderator of the forums. The Webmaster also proactively ensures all site fees, agreements, renewal requirements and hosting services are current and functioning. Since access and training take considerable time, this position serves a 2 year term and is up for election during odd years.
  4. Secretary/Treasurer – Open and maintains a checking account for the Gold Hills Posse 4×4 Club. Treasurer, President, and Vice President will have authority to write checks, but only after a majority of official members approve the expenditure. This position provides the club’s account balance on a monthly basis, at the club meetings. Track and collect membership dues and collects proceeds from raffles and any other monetary donations. The Secretary/Treasurer is the primary signature on the club bank account. The Secretary/Treasurer also manages the club decal procurement and disbursement, under the direction of the President or Vice President. The position is responsible for taking the meeting minutes and providing the Webmaster with a brief summary of the highlights for the web site (for those unable to attend.) At the request of the President/Vice President, calls members to advise them of important issues, short-notice events and check participation status. This position serves a two-year term and is up for election during even-years.
  5. Trail Master – This position is responsible for maintaining the club’s relationship with the USFS, coordinating the two annual maintenance runs and providing formal write ups following each run to both the USFS and the club board, and managing the replacement of trail signs due to vandalism or wear. The Trail Master is responsible for tracking the required member participation of trail maintenance and encourages attendance by all. The Trail Master also monitors Posse member activity at events/runs and addresses problems if they occur. This position serves a one-year term.

VII. Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be held on a regular schedule once a month. Currently, meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM. Check the Club Calendar for meeting details and location map.
  2. Meetings may be scheduled such that a ½ hour closed session will be available for “Club Members Only” or “Officer only” discussion (7:00 – 7:30PM).
  3. Public meetings are open to anyone with interest in The Gold Hills Posse 4×4 Club.
  4. Special club officer meetings may be called by the President.

VIII. Club Elections and Voting

  1. Club elections will be held once a year.
  2. President, Vice-President, and Trail-Master will remain in office for a period of one year. Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster will remain in office for a period of two years.
  3. Special elections may be held in the event that an elected official is no longer capable of fulfilling their duties.
  4. Officer nominations may be gathered by means of a secret write-in ballot during the December club meeting of each year, or via private message to the Club President between December 1 and the December club meeting.
  5. Elections will be held at the January meeting each year. Active-Status Club Members, should they choose or if they are unable to attend, can cast their vote via phone call, e-mail, or private message to the current Club President or Club Secretary/Treasurer before the 1st meeting of the year in order to be counted. Active-Status Club Members may also vote in person at the January meeting via paper ballot.
  6. Active-Status Club Members will be allowed to vote for club officials. Each club member adult family member will be eligible to cast one vote, up to two votes per family as outlined below. Members in good standing are eligible to vote during elections, by-law changes and on other club issues. Adult family members 21 and older pay dues separately and vote separately, should they choose.
  7. An exception may be granted for any Club Member with a minimum age of 18 who has previously been given a club exception for club membership.
  8. A maximum of two adult family members per family are eligible to vote during the official process (both voting family members must meet the active-status requirements to vote).
  9. Only “Active” (as defined in the club membership section) adult family members will be eligible to vote during an official process or election.
  10. A majority vote will be required to elect an official. In the event of a tie, Club Prospects and Associate members will be allowed to cast a special vote if they are present at the meeting. In the event there are no active Prospects or Associate members, active non-members who have attended a minimum of two runs or two meetings may be allowed to cast a special vote.
  11. Positions will be announced prior to the end of the meeting.

IX. Official Recalls

  1. An official may be removed from office at any time with a 2/3rds vote of Active-Status “Official Members”.

X. Club Runs

  1. Official Club Runs will be posted on the official Club Calendar. A minimum of 30 days notification should be given for all planned Club Runs. Unplanned Club Runs will be considered official if attempts have been made for an open club invitation including but not limited to phone calls, posting on the club forum or e mail. A minimum of four vehicles must be in attendance with a minimum of two Club Members and their vehicles present to be considered an official run.
  2. A waiver/release of liability form must be signed by guests prior to any club runs whether they are planned or unplanned, or they will not be considered part of the run.
  3. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to operate a vehicle during a Club Run without the supervision of a Parent or Legal Guardian. The Parent or Legal Guardian will be required to sign an additional release of liability.
  4. During all Club Runs, a vehicle with a working CB radio will be at the lead of the group and at the tail of the group.
  5. In the event that a “Trail Boss” is identified prior to the start of a run, all vehicles in attendance are responsible to direction of the “Trail Boss”. The default trail boss shall be the person who posts the run in question, though this responsibility may be delegated with proper clear communication in the active run thread.
  6. If it is necessary to make an unplanned stop, notify the “Trail Boss” or another club representative as soon as possible.
  7. A minimum of three vehicle lengths should be maintained when underway on a trail. Tailgating in an off-road environment is unsafe and will not be tolerated.
  8. Vehicle Requirements (for each Official Member’s vehicle, or vehicle attending a club run):

    • Safety is a top club priority. Vehicles must be in good working condition and meet club minimum vehicle requirements for each run. Vehicles with known mechanical or safety problems are discouraged from attending runs and may result in a Club Officer or run Trail Boss not allowing a vehicle to be part of the club run occurring.
    • Have current vehicle registration and be street legal or current “Green Sticker” for strictly off-road vehicles.
    • Maintain current valid vehicle insurance.
    • Have front and rear recovery points.
    • Have a jack capable of lifting the vehicle.
    • Have a full size spare tire (within two sizes). No “temporary” or “donut” spares allowed .
    • Tires 37″ or larger and carrying no spare may get an exemption from a Club Officer or run Trail Boss if carrying an approved tire plug kit. If your bolt pattern is not common it is highly recommended that a wheel adapter to a common bolt pattern be carried.
    • Have properly functioning seat belts or restraints for all occupants of the vehicle.
    • Have a fire extinguisher on board.
    • Have an approved recovery strap (Regular rope, chains, or tow straps with steel hooks are not considered an acceptable alternative to an appropriate recovery strap).
    • Tires that are uniform in size and have legal tread. Tires should be of the proper type for the run being attended.
  9. Additional Vehicle Recommendations (but not required):

    • First Aid Kit (encouraged)
    • Hi-Lift type jack
    • Winch
    • Air system capable of inflating a tire to street pressure.
    • Tool set
    • CB Radio (strongly encouraged)
  10. Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages will be tolerated while the vehicle is in motion.
  11. Absolutely no driving while intoxicated.
  12. Alcohol consumption by minors will not be tolerated at any Club function.
  13. Absolutely no use of illegal drugs will be tolerated at any Club function.
  14. Firearms are not to be exhibited or fired during any club related run or event unless the run or event was previously advertised in advance as a shooting-related activity.
  15. All vehicle occupants must wear a fully functioning seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. NO EXCEPTIONS.

XI. Club Events

  1. A Four wheel drive vehicle is not usually required for Club Events.
  2. Alcohol consumption by minors will not be tolerated at any Club function.
  3. Absolutely no use of illegal drugs will be tolerated at any Club function.
  4. Firearms are not to be exhibited or fired during any club related run or event unless the run or event was previously advertised in advance as a shooting related activity.

XII. Club By-laws Document

The Club By-laws document is considered to be a living document and is subject to change.