Recovery Points

Recovery points

Vehicle recovery is a reality on most trips and the Posse takes our safety and yours seriously. Our by-laws require that your vehicle be equipped with front and rear recovery points. The discussion below outlines recovery points that we consider acceptable.

Front and Rear:

A shackle mounted to either a sturdy bumper or receiver hitch is the most common among club members. Stock tow hooks are acceptable but we have found that hooks tend to rip straps and in general do not think much of them. A number of after market replacements are available and range in both cost and ease of use. In general, they are all acceptable.

Items NOT considered acceptable include the following:

  • Under no circumstances will a towing ball be considered an acceptable recovery point.
  • Tie down eyes used to secure the vehicle during transport.
  • Using leaf spring hangers as a wrap for a strap.
  • Wrapping a bumper with a strap.
  • Using axle housings as a recovery point.
  • In general a stock bumper is not acceptable.
  • Regular rope, chains, or tow straps with steel hooks are not considered an acceptable alternative to an appropriate recovery strap.

If you are not sure if the recovery point or strap you are planning to use is acceptable, take a picture, post it on the forum, and ask. We know that there are a lot of creative solutions that will work. Some of our ideas of what is acceptable are shown on this page. Keep in mind that YOU are responsible for any damage to your vehicle that occurs during a recovery. A driver may refuse to recover your vehicle if recovery points are found to be insufficient. You may also refuse recovery from a vehicle with insufficient recovery points. We will do our best to get you home, we expect you to do the same.