Vehicle Requirements

Minimum Vehicle Requirements:

  • Safety is a top club priority. Vehicles must be in good working condition and meet club minimum vehicle requirements for each run. Vehicles with known mechanical or safety problems are discouraged from attending runs and may result in a Club Officer or run Trail Boss not allowing a vehicle to be part of the club run occurring.
  • Have current vehicle registration and be street legal or current “Green Sticker” for strictly off-road vehicles.
  • Maintain current valid vehicle insurance.
  • Have front and rear recovery points.
  • Have a jack capable of lifting the vehicle.
  • Have a full size spare tire (within two sizes). No “temporary” or “donut” spares allowed.
  • Tires 37″ or larger and carrying no spare may get an exemption from a Club Officer or run Trail Master if carrying an approved tire plug kit. If your bolt pattern is not common it is highly recommended that a wheel adapter to a common bolt pattern be carried.
  • Have properly functioning seat belts or restraints for all occupants of the vehicle.
  • Have a fire extinguisher on board.
  • Have an approved recovery strap. Regular rope, chains, or tow straps with steel hooks are not considered an acceptable alternative to an appropriate recovery strap.
  • Tires that are uniform in size and have legal tread. Tires should be of the proper type for the run being attended.

Additional Vehicle Recommendations (but not required):

  • First Aid Kit (encouraged)
  • Hi-Lift type jack
  • Winch
  • Air system capable of inflating a tire to street pressure
  • Tool set
  • CB or other agreed upon radio type (strongly encouraged)

For further information please see Club By-laws section: X. Club Runs.