For your safety and the safety of others, please ensure your vehicle meets the minimum club vehicle requirements and any additional posted requirements before attending any club trail runs. Vehicles not meeting the requirements will not be allowed on the club trail run. If you plan to attend a club trail run please post in the forum under the specific club trail run topic. As a refresher, please review the club etiquette and safety tips.
Club Meeting via Zoom!
Jul 9 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Come join your Posse family for another virtual meeting! Video is highly encouraged but not mandatory, you can call in without a camera and still participate. You can call in using a PC, Mac or mobile device. Advantages of a PC or Mac is that you will not have to install an application, if on mobile you will want to install the Zoom app on your device.

If you have never used Zoom you will need to create an account, but it’s free. Details to join the Zoom meeting are below. Zoom does a very good job providing tutorials on how to get started and connected so I recommend taking a look at them. You can also test your audio and video prior to joining the meeting so that would be good to do as well. Let me know if you have any questions! -Jamie.

Zoom Tutorials:

Join Zoom Meeting

Items up for discussion include the club’s recent runs, and other trips/events, including our trail, past events and upcoming events.

We will also discuss new member additions. New attendees are welcome and will be recognized. Bring your calendar!

The meeting starts at 7:30PM.

Loon Lake to Wentworth Springs Loop @ Loon Lake / Rubicon Trail Staging Aera
Jul 10 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Loon Lake to Wentworth Springs Loop @ Loon Lake / Rubicon Trail Staging Aera

We will be Starting from Loon Lake / Rubicon trail staging area to Ellis Creek for Lunch, Then we will back track a bit to the Wentworth Springs route to head back out. This is a great day trip. Please let us know your coming on Forum thread so we’ll be looking for you.

To make it easier for everyone to meet, we will just plan on meeting at Loon Lake/Rubicon staging area at 9:30a to air down and the drivers meeting, we will roll out promptly at 10:00am.

Make your own connections if your wanting to meet others at Fresh Pond to gas up and convoy to be at the Rubicon/loon lake staging area at 9:30am.

Check forum as the run gets closer, the meet time may change.

We are just starting to Come out of the lock-down, so This run will be a Gold Hills Member only run.

Please review the Minimum Vehicle Requirements listed under Technical. Additional requirement minimum rear locker.

Long canyon, Strawberry Pass, Deer Valley , Slick Rock .
Aug 7 @ 4:32 am – Aug 9 @ 5:32 am

Depending on snow fall and trail openings, l am looking to do a 3 day trip on the high Sierra route. Friday night would be spend on strawberry, Saturday night would be spend on deer valley, do slick rock Sunday and then head home.