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Tahoe National Forest

  • Mosquito Fire Area, Road and Trail Closure
    on September 7, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Forest Order No. 17-22-09 Mosquito Fire Area, Road and Trail Closure

  • Tree Removal in Campgrounds Around Sugar Pine Reservoir
    on June 18, 2022 at 5:00 am

    Starting June 21st, removal of dead trees will be taking palce in Sugar Pine Reservoir campgrounds to enhance forest health and public safety. Due to the extended drought, trees have had a reduced ability fend off bark beetle attacks. Work will take place in only one campground at a time so that visitors will still have access to camping sites at the reservoir. Giant Gap campground will be first, closing portions of the campground temporarily to visitors. Work will take place during the week, leaving weekends free of noise exposure. “The safety of visitors is our top priority,” said Mary Grim, District Ranger of the American River Ranger District. “We appreciate the public’s patience during this temporary disruption so we can make these improvements to these popular sites.” The dates for the tree removal in Shirttail Creek and Forbes Creek campgrounds will be shared in the coming days.

  • Dispersed Camping Restrictions along HWY 20 on Tahoe National Forest lands
    on April 29, 2022 at 5:00 am

    To protect natural and cultural resources, and to provide for public safety, dispersed camping will be restricted on Tahoe National Forests lands along Highway 20 from May 2nd, 2022 – May 2nd, 2025. These restrictions are for dispersed camping only and do not apply to developed campgrounds.

  • Sugar Pine Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Wet Weather Management Plan
    on November 6, 2020 at 6:00 am

    Beginning fall of 2020, the Sugar Pine Off-Highway Vehicle %3AOHV%3A Wet Weather Management Plan will be implemented for OHV Roads and Trails on American River Ranger District. This will increase OHV riding opportunities by adopting a more flexible open/close strategy for riding in Foresthill CA. This soil-moisture condition-based approach will help Trail Managers determine when existing OHV roads and trails should be opened or closed in the Sugar Pine Motorized Trail System area. The associated operating plan will minimize resource damage caused by travel during wet weather periods. The removal of the fixed wet weather seasonal closure dates are expected to reduce future sediment delivery and improve water quality. Up to date closure status can be found at the voicemail %3A530%3A-478-6254 x228. During fall and winter months, please check this number frequently to get up to date OHV riding opportunities and closure status


  • Update from the president - November 17, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on November 19, 2022 at 7:20 pm

    Hello all!  I hope you are enjoying yourselves and have had a great time wheeling out in your favorite playground or have been getting caught up on projects around the home.  Personally, I have been running, for what feels like non-stop for the past month and have finally had a little bit of time to sit down and relax this past weekend at Panamint Valley Days which I’ll get to in a just a few. Since my last update, I have attended the North, Central and South district meetings, well, I attended the Central and South District meetings in person and attended the North District meeting virtually. The Central District meeting was awesome and hosted by the Bakersfield Trailblazers. I left early in the morning to get to the meeting location a little early for breakfast, but typical traffic and accidents got me there just about the start of the meeting which was fine since most of the participants ate and did meeting stuff at the same time. Nominations were opened up for Central District Vice President as Mark Cave will be stepping down and taking some time for himself – Mark, thank you very much for your time on the BOD this past year.  It has been my sincere pleasure to work with you these past few years and I look forward to working with you as you move into a non-BOD position.  Davey Rocha II was nominated and Davey accepted the nomination – Congratulations Davey! At the South district meeting, nominations were also opened up for South District Vice President and Don Rybarczyk, Shawn Bell (current Corporate Sponsor chairman) and Terry Dean (former SD Membership chair) were nominated, all of which accepted the nominations. I wasn’t in the room at this time, as, I was in my Jeep in the parking lot trying to get on the North District Meeting where aside from some technical issues, I was able to present my report to the membership and learned that when the nominations were opened up for the North District Vice President position, Chris Silveira was nominated and he accepted the nomination – Congratulations Chris.  I want to also mention that sadly, Jim Bramham, your current North District Vice President will not be seeking re-election and I want to publically thank Jim for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. I have enjoyed learning from you and working with you over these past few years and I will sorely miss you at the BOD meetings but know you will always be there for support for Cal4Wheel and the future NDVP, whomever that may be as nominations will open back up in January where we will vote in a new Vice President for the North and Central district and a potential new SDVP if Don doesn’t win and since I’m talking about Don Rybarczyk, Don, thank you for stepping up and taking over my seat when I was elected President of this incredible organization. It has been a real pleasure working with you. Before and since the District meetings, I have been working with a committee I formed with Robert Reed, Don Spuhler and Dave Douglas to clean up a slew of loose ends around the association. This has turned from what seemed like a pretty simple idea to what is almost a full time job. I’ll get into greater detail later once we have compiled our lists and have had time to go over it with each other in greater detail but the premise is to plan for the future of Cal4Wheel and simplify how we do business and the overall organization of this association.  We, as an Association are very lucky to have three great past presidents to have the ability to work with and I want to publicly thank these three guys for helping me tackle this. I recently got back from SEMA which was very nice. I had every intention of attending the Off Road Hall Of Fame dinner Sunday evening before the show and had left early from a previous camping trip for my club where I packed my bags for Vegas and jumped into the new 392 Jeep and headed up the 15 where I found every bit of traffic, severe accidents and the like and put me in Vegas way too late to attend but was able to get some sleep and get up early for the NAMRC meeting hosted by the infamous Todd Ockert Monday morning. This was my first year in attendance of the NAMRC meeting and even though I have heard of it I was unsure what to expect or how to prepare. So I did my best, got there entirely way too early and saw the empty halls of SEMA which was crazy to think that these halls would be littered with thousands of people in 24 hours. Once I finally made it to the meeting room and sat down and had an incredible experience conversing with land use advocates/organizations from all over the United States and it was a great meeting with incredible points of interest and over all, I learned a lot and found that all of our small efforts are working as in working together as one which is the whole point of this.  We were able to discuss items of concern from all over and get different perspectives. Special thanks to Todd for hosting this and thank you to all that attended! I was able to put faces to names from emails and social media and had a great time talking about land use and Cal4Wheel.  Unfortunately, I had some issues come up at work and had to leave early.  Overall, the Win-A-Jeep was well received and had a slew of people stop by and was able to educate them on land use and Cal4Wheel. This was my first year since they added the ‘West Hall’ and was surprised how many more vehicles there were over all and the attendance was way up. Panamint Valley Days 2022 is officially in the books!  I had a spectacular time this year and was able to attend a Historic run on Friday where we explored the local area and had a great time learning about the rich history.  I’m a little bit of a history buff and just soaked as much up as I possibly could.  Saturday we did more of the same and did the Golier Canyon run where we explored canyons and even the infamous Barker Ranch.  We were able to get back in time for dinner and get ready for the raffle, by the way, was spectacular!  Thank you Dirk Starksen for the hard work putting that together. The weather was awesome the entire weekend till the wind decided to come in Sunday as we were all leaving. I want to send a special thanks to Bonnie Ferguson and Jeff Godde who chaired this year's event and to the countless volunteers who went above and beyond to show everyone a great time on the trails and in camp.  I say it all the time and I’ll say it again here – without volunteers, we couldn’t do any of this. I don’t mention names because I don’t want to leave anyone out by mistake (and I’m horrible with names) you know who you are and you have my greatest gratitude I can give, thank you. As I write this update, I’m preparing for the November Board Of Directors meeting this weekend in Sacramento at the Office.  I’m honestly, looking forward to seeing all the board members and getting to work.  We have a lot to accomplish this weekend but luckily, we have been working together between the board meetings as to be as productive as possible.  If I don’t talk to you before hand, I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving and please, be safe out there no matter what you are doing. ‘Til the next update…

  • Update from the president - October 21, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on October 21, 2022 at 6:20 pm

    Yes, I’m still here. I profusely apologize for not getting an update out before now. It’s been a whirlwind of events, meetings and general life stuff and I have been pretty busy. I had every intention on getting this out earlier but every time I started, I wanted to get more information out and alas, here we are. The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. High Sierra Poker Run With my last report, I spoke about leading a run, more specifically, leading the Mirror Lake run at High Sierra Poker Run this year, well, I did it. HSPR was a phenomenal event this year and had zero fires! Almost started a fire leaving but I’ll get to that in a few. Being from here in the south, our off road`ing is a little different than up north where you have trees and large boulders and the like. The Mirror Lake Trail is a relatively easy trail that has tremendous amounts of beautiful scenery — all up to a point where the last 100 yards or so is pretty difficult, as far as rocks, trees, some more rocks and few awesome placed trees (insert sarcastic tone) all of which you go down (the easy part) and then meander around some more trees to a campsite where you come into Mirror Lake proper and my, what a sight to behold. I could have stayed there all day but had to work my way back out and that’s when I found out my lockers were not operating and luckily, there were some strategically placed winch points where I used the holy hell out of my winch and eventually got up that hard part and headed back to camp. After trying to find the issue with my lockers and not feeling confident that I had in fact fixed the issue, we decided that I would still lead the run, however, I would stay at the top of that hard part and David Rocha, along with other support would take the group down and bring them back up (thanks Davey!) the day of the run. I want to thank all the volunteers that went above and beyond to put on a great event! I want to thank Paul Brady and Steve Peckham for chairing this event for putting on a great time! The raffle turned out awesome. Ben Burr from Blue Ribbon Coalition came and even provided a little speech – thank you for coming Ben! Our very own Natural Resource Consultant Rose Winn attended as well. I left early Sunday morning to hang out with the family that I haven’t seen in a while and on my way out, with my 40’ motorhome and 20’ trailer, I didn’t pull wide enough on the first bridge leaving base camp and almost lost my trailer in a creek. Luckily, I saved that somehow and continued down the road where I met up with my nemesis, the ‘4-lane’. For those of you that know, you know. For those that don’t, the 4-lane coming down or up sucks. It’s steep, it’s long and I found out that even at 35-ish mph, slight tapping my brakes with my engine brake on is still no match for the brakes on my motorhome as I started to see smoke coming out of the rear of my coach. As I contemplated abandoning ship with whatever I could grab not knowing if I was on fire or the brakes or? I finally stopped in a turn out and ran back to find it was only brakes and it was about that time I made friends with the local Sheriff and fire department since they were on their way to up the hill, saw me coming down, couldn’t see behind me and decided I might need help to put out the creek fire #2 I was potentially setting. Couple of fire trucks later, two Sheriffs, some nervous laughter from all of us on scene and some time to cool it all down, I continued down the road at a blistering 10-15 mph where the rest of my trip was uneventful. Meetings I attended a slew of Zoom meetings for AAT, OHMVR, post Sierra Trek meeting, Coastal Commission, foundation meeting and others. I recently was up at the Central District meeting in Bakersfield hosted by the Bakersfield Trailblazers where they presented Vice President Mark Cave a donation in the amount of $2000! Thank you, Jeremy Rowell, president of Bakersfield Trailblazers for the hospitality and thank you to the entire Central District that either made it in person or via Zoom — I’m starting to see more attendance at the meetings, and I love it! During this meeting, David Rocha was nominated for Central District Vice President. Nominations will open back up in January for all districts, so, if you are looking to run, or looking to vote for Davey, this will be your time. Operation Desert Fun I’m just now getting back to normal life after spending the past few days in Truckhaven/Salton Sea California for the 20th Annual Operation Desert Fun! Man, what a weekend of stories to tell, however, I’ll keep it simple here. Angela Cook, Chair of ODF for the past 20 years was apprehensive moving the event from Ocotillo Wells to Salton Sea but after the event, it seems like we should have done this years ago and everyone seemed to have a great time, well, other than the 100-year flood (maybe not that bad) that started early Saturday afternoon and lasted into Sunday morning. Luckily, our new digs had a clubhouse to keep everyone undercover during the rainstorm ensuing outside. I will say, it was a little weird to be inside, with adequate lighting to check tickets and no weather/wind to contend with. I want to say thank you to Angela Cook and David Mauer who chaired this event and to every volunteer who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to go above and beyond to have a spectacular event. As always, the raffle did awesome, and the Paralyzed Veterans of America Cal-Diego Chapter will have quite a bit of money to help paralyzed veterans. Thank you to all who contributed to the raffle with either prizes or just buying tickets. I also want to thank Debbie and her husband for all the great food, the great atmosphere and for going above and beyond for us in any manner they could. District meetings tomorrow As I finish this update, I’m getting ready for the South and North district meetings this coming Saturday, both of which will have open nominations for district vice presidents. I’ll be at the South District meeting in person and plan to be at the next North District meeting in person — maybe Jim can choose a date that doesn’t conflict (just poking the bear...)? Panamint Valley Days PVD is right around the corner, and they are looking for your support! I personally plan to bring most of the loot I won at ODF to PVD’s raffle, and I hope you can both make it to the event and help support the raffle. I hear that Bonnie Ferguson has ordered better weather than ODF and I am excited to go to my other favorite event in two weeks. If you have not registered yet, there is still time to call in sick and get ready for a fantastic weekend of runs, unbelievable scenery, and an awesome raffle! Last day to register online is October 26 — I hope to see you all around the campfire sooner than later as the weather cools off and the official Jeeping season down south starts! ‘Til the next update…

  • Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division encourages "Trail for the Trail" during OHV Safety Awareness Week
    by [email protected] (California State Parks) on October 13, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    California State Parks’ Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division and partners welcome the return of the second OHV Safety Awareness Week this year from October 15–23, with the theme “Train for the Trail.” As part of the safety awareness week, the OHMVR Division and partners will hold several FREE safety training courses and events throughout California’s state vehicular recreation areas (SVRAs). New and experienced off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation enthusiasts can learn something new by taking classes while riding in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes and recreational off-highway vehicles or side-by-side vehicles (ROVs). Additionally, as part of the weeklong celebration, Prairie City SVRA will hold a visitor appreciation and safety day this Saturday, October 15, starting at 10 a.m. Visitors can—for free—spend the weekend enjoying overnight camping in the main staging and day-use areas. Local OHV businesses will be on-site to talk about customizations, do-it-yourself remedies and safety tips. On Saturday, October 22, visitors can help keep Hollister Hills SVRA spotless with its annual Clean Wheeling trash pick-up event. Starting at 8 a.m., this free, family-friendly four-wheeling event is held in the Upper Ranch and Hudner Ranch. Free day-use pass and lunch will be provided by the Hollister Hills Off-Road Association. Participants are advised to bring gloves, water, sunblock and a hat. “Visitor safety is the division’s number one priority,” said OHMVR Deputy Director Sarah Miggins. “While enjoying the thousands of acres of beautiful trails, roads, dunes and other approved riding areas on all-terrain vehicles, four-wheelers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, trail bikes and snowmobiles, please consider and follow our safety tips while having fun outdoors.” Practicing responsible OHV recreation safety measures such as taking a safety course, learning the rules of riding, planning travel routes in advance, using required equipment and treading lightly help promote safety in the SVRAs and protect the natural resources that make these public outdoor spaces special. Below are eight safety tips for new and experienced riders: Take a Safety Course: Learn the fundamentals of operating off-highway vehicles by taking a training course, which can help you become a more experienced rider. Become familiar with the laws governing off-highway recreation on public lands and safety courses by visiting the webpage of your outdoor destination prior to leaving home. Buckle It Up: Know which gear is required for your type of recreation to prevent injury. Secure all harnesses and safety equipment. Helmets and restraint devices are most effective when following the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure they are securely and always buckled. Always wear protective gear, including a safe, well-fitting helmet. Ride Respectfully: Community is the foundation for maintaining off-highway recreation. Respecting natural resources, wildlife and other off-highway recreators, and following off-highway regulations help preserve the natural landscapes for generations to come. Be Prepared: Know which supplies you need for a successful ride. Be prepared with a first aid kit, extra water and food, maps, a tool kit and extra fuel. File a Riding Plan: Tell a responsible person back at camp or at home where you are going and when you plan on returning. Ask that person to notify local law enforcement if you do not return on time. Scout Your Route: Because each vehicular recreation area has a vast and diverse mixture of geology for riders exploring on their motorcycle, ATV, dune buggy or 4x4, learn about the various trail experience levels and terrain prior to your visit to avoid emergencies. Stay to the right and yield to oncoming vehicles. Never Ride Alone: Always ride with at least one other person, but preferably in groups of three. If one rider is hurt, someone can stay with the rider while the other one gets help. Never move an injured rider. Tread Lightly: Know where to ride, and ride only on designated routes and trails. Be sure to check ahead for open trails. Remember, wildlife has the right-of-way. In October 2020, the California OHMVR Commission passed a resolution dedicating the third weeks of May and October as an OHV Safety Awareness Week to promote and focus on safe and responsible OHV practices. Working together with Tread Lightly!, California Highway Patrol, California Outdoor Recreation Foundation (CORF), Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, ATV Safety Institute, Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association and Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the OHMVR Division will provide safety education for the public during OHV Safety Awareness Week. Activity schedules and sign-ups for the free trainings can found on the CORF website at California’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program was created in 1971 out of the critical need to better manage the growing demands for off-highway recreation, while fostering respect for private property rights and protecting the state’s natural and cultural resources. Since that time, more than $770 million in grants, managed by the OHMVR Division, have been awarded to federal and local partners, funding acquisition and development, resource protection, safety and education, and law enforcement for OHV recreation. Today, there are nine state vehicular recreation areas across California: Carnegie, Clay Pit, Eastern Kern County Onyx Ranch, Heber Dunes, Hollister Hills, Hungry Valley, Oceano Dunes, Ocotillo Wells and Prairie City. These public lands provide recreational opportunities on approximately 145,000 acres of lands with more than 600 miles of designated OHV trails and terrain. Some SVRAs also feature camping, swimming and other recreational opportunities. A variety of wildlife, sensitive habitats, plants and animal species call them home. For more information about the OHMVR Division, including grant and volunteer opportunities, please visit

  • Update from the president - August 25, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on August 26, 2022 at 2:20 am

    My apologies for getting this out later than planned. To be honest, it’s been a busy few weeks since I last put an update out and I’m just finally slowing down enough to update you all once again. I recently returned home from attending the August board of directors meeting at the association office in Sacramento. It was a very productive weekend, well, weekday since we got about two days’ worth of work done on Saturday, which is awesome for a slew of different reasons but personally for me, I was able to leave early Sunday morning (like 2AM) and was home early enough to spend time with the family all day Sunday. I want to thank all the board of directors for their continued hard work and persistence in making this association better than it was yesterday. Being a board member isn’t easy sometimes and it’s even harder when you have a president who wants to make everything better and more efficient. The morning started off with standard board reports and such, followed by lunch provided by the Bramhams, and I gaveled the meeting around 5PM. We worked on communications, simplifying processes within the association, training within the board and a slew of other topics from how Sierra Trek 2022 performed and how the High Sierra Poker Run is next weekend and a potential of a new event in the Goffs, California area (more information will be coming about that soon). We discussed new insurance requirements imposed by the BLM – going from a required $2 million liability to $3 million liability and so on. The board went above and beyond, worked very well with everyone and I feel was very productive. There will be more about the board meeting and what was discussed coming soon in a different update – I just have too much to go over this time around since just before the board meeting, I was up at the 65th annual Sierra Trek! Not sure how I scheduled the board meeting right after Trek, but I did. Sierra Trek was phenomenal this year! A special thanks to John and Rene Allen for chairing this year’s (and next year’s) event! Trek is a living, breathing monster that most attendees have zero idea of the logistics and manpower required to put it on. An equal thanks to each and every volunteer who went above and beyond to make this event very successful. I personally left Hemet around 3AM as to arrive at Meadow Lake early to setup camp and maybe partake in the infamous Goats Milk – well, after making the wrong turn coming up Meadow Lake road and following my new friends from Oregon (who were also misled by their navigation) we traveled up some roads where I wouldn’t have taken my truck by itself, let alone a truck, trailer and my Jeep. Long story short, I got stuck once, they helped me with that and eventually we ran into a Isuzu full of foreigners who advised that there is no way you’re taking a truck and trailer much farther up the road, so we made a decision to suck up our pride and head back down the nature trail from hell – just about 7 miles to the main road, where I remembered the correct road and led us back into camp around 6PM or so. After recanting my story here and there to some would be listeners, I was informed that this won’t be the last time either and I heard stories of motorhomes suffering the same fate. I will say that Jim Bramham’s work along with the immense help from a dedicated group of volunteers who worked tirelessly on the road where the main issues are normally, did a fantastic job. That road (in my opinion) sucks anyways, no matter how much work you put into it, but it was far better than last year – thank you very much for all that work! Once I found civilization and set up camp, I was floored by the attendance and comradery at the event. Thank you very much to all that sacrificed time to help cook, clean and prep for cooking – the food was amazing! Thank you to everyone who worked their tails off in the snack booth and the bar – everyone enjoyed the cross of alcohol and nachos with a side of root beer float if you desired such, which I did, a couple of times. I will even add that even at 9AM, the steadfast workers at the bar didn’t judge you (out loud) about ordering cocktails. I hear the trail runs went very well with some small issues here and there that the Trek Crew is working on resolving but overall, everyone had a great time on the trails with only minor breaks and everyone made it back to camp rather unscathed, other than some hurt pride. The raffle was a huge success! Thank you to everyone that came and bought tickets, bid at the silent auction, and donated prizes! I don’t have official numbers yet, but I hear we set some records! I can’t say this enough but THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS! Many hands make light work, and this event would be nothing if it weren’t for all the people who went above and beyond to make it happen! John and Rene ordered some fantastic weather for the duration and overall, Trek 2022 was an amazing success! Well, except for around 2AM on Sunday when the 20th or so pair of headlights lit up my tent – see, my kids first week of school falls on Trek and I didn’t want to pull them on their first week, so I came solo, unsupervised for the weekend and decided to bring a tent and keep it simple. It seemed like a great idea until Sunday morning, but not a huge deal, it’s tent camping and it’s Sierra Trek. I just got up and packed the rest of my things and left early thinking that I would be home ‘earlyish’ knowing it’s a 12-13 hour drive regardless. On my way out, second guessed myself and made a wrong turn, again... A mile down this road, I had the feeling ‘this isn’t the right road’ and I was right. No big deal, I’ll just back up a mile or so, in the dark, with a trailer, by myself – I hear they call it character building. Got back on the correct road, found asphalt, watched the most beautiful sunrise heading into Tahoe and spent the next 10 or so hours thinking about next Trek and how I can’t wait for it... It hasn’t been all road trips and tent camping tho, I have been busy attending every online meeting I can, which seems to be a lot and its nice being able to still work on paying my bills yet working on behalf of Cal4Wheel also. I attended the Sustainable Recreation Stakeholders meeting on August 18, very informative meeting that we broke out into small groups and discussed recreation and wildfires. I also attended the CORVA board of directors meeting via Zoom on behalf of Cal4Wheel. Like I said before, we are ALL in this fight together and showing solidarity between all the groups fighting this fight and working together is very important. I should add that CORVA was invited to Trek this year and had a booth present. I was asked to discuss Trek and how Cal4Wheel is doing, which I obliged. On August 23, I attended via Zoom, the OHV Safety Summit which was incredible! Long story short, SxS’s are here to stay and a slew of people from a slew of different organizations were present discussing training, safety concerns, how to address those and a slew of other concerns and did all of this with the participation of State Parks, CHP, BLM and many more! We worked in smaller groups and one point then continued to work together in a large quorum. This meeting is one of many, I hope. There was so much progression and everyone working together for once, which I really enjoyed, and I also felt this was unbelievably productive and have been working with the same people via email since that meeting. We need to work together in this fight, there is no other option and this meeting showed, without a doubt, that we can all put aside our differences and different affiliations for one goal, keeping public land public! In closing I wanted to talk about our very own Natural Resource Consultant, Rose Winn. I have been getting phone call after phone call from other organizations about Rose and the great work she is doing. I wanted to publicly thank Rose for all of her hard work and remind you all, if you have an land use issue close to your heart, don’t be afraid to let Rose know. Well, I need to finish getting ready for High Sierra Poker Run. Somehow, the Rochas shanghaied me into leading the Mirror Lake run – mind you, I have never been to Mirror Lake before, so, I’m sure it will one for the books. I hope to see you all at HSPR in a week! …. Till the next update  

  • Update from the president - August 5, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on August 6, 2022 at 2:20 am

    Hello all! I hope this update finds you all in great health and you are enjoying the summer to its full potential. I recently got back from attending the district meetings and still disappointed in the attendance. I know we can do better and with better attendance, we can work together to make this association better and work more efficiently to keep public lands open for all of us to enjoy! How can I motivate you to attend the district meetings? Email me: [email protected] I was unable to attend the North District meeting in person; however, I attended online and had a great time catching up with everyone who attended in the north. Thank you, Jim Bramham, for leading a great meeting. We discussed the upcoming Sierra Trek and the immense amount of work to be done to get everyone safely up the road and to Meadow Lake. like some meetings, there just isn’t a whole lot to talk about and we were all done around lunch time. The next meeting I attended was the South District meeting in person. Little bit of a drive but was nice to see Don Rybarczyk lead his first full meeting with newly elected Membership Chair Danette Starksen. Bonnie Ferguson was under the weather and did not attend in person but battled technology and attended via Zoom. The location was great, our old room at Bass Pro Shops. Again, great to see everyone and catch up since the last time. We discussed Operation Desert Fun and its new location and a potential new run in the south – “Mohave Trek”. There will be some more about this later I attended the Central District meeting in person in Santa Maria. I left my house at 3AM and made it there just in time for the meeting to start at the Santa Maria Gun Club. An amazing place to have a meeting other than the lack of internet but great weather and dare I say best food I have had at a district meeting provided by the Santa Maria 4-Wheelers. Thank you for the great hospitality from the Central District! Somehow, I got talked into leading a run to Mirror Lake for the High Sierra Poker Run on Labor Day weekend, so, if for nothing else than to see me mess that up, you should register today! We have two very important events coming up here in the association: Sierra Trek and High Sierra Poker Run. Both events are looking for raffle prizes and I’m hoping by telling you about that in my update, it will motivate you to go look through your garage/shop and find stuff that you won’t use or would like to pay it forward and donate it to either event! If you have a raffle prize and would like to donate it to either event, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll get you in contact with the right person. Going to keep this one short this time, I have to finish packing for Sierra Trek and the following board meeting coming up the week after (who scheduled that?). Please be safe out there and I look forward to seeing all of you at Sierra Trek and the hard work the countless volunteers have put forth to make this happen! Thank you John and Rene Allen for all your hard work and thank you to all the masses of volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event happen! In closing, as I’m writing this letter, I just found out that former Cal4Wheel President, former Natural Resource Consultant, and my friend Jeff Blewett lost his daughter yesterday. Please keep Jeff and his family in your thoughts as they traverse this horrible situation. ‘Til the next update…

  • Update from the president - July 14, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on July 14, 2022 at 9:34 pm

    Since our last update, I personally have been pretty busy as I officially made it around the sun one more time and my wife did the same!  With my current workload, I have not made it to as many clubs the last few weeks as I wanted but have moved some stuff around and plan on heading to the Central District and North District to attend some more meetings.  I finally got registered to Sierra Trek and am pretty pumped to get up there into some cooler weather as the 100+ degree heat down here in the south isn’t too much fun.  I hope more of you decide to follow my lead and go register and get ready for an awesome time at Sierra Trek.  John and Rene Allen are busting their behinds to put on one hell of an event and after attending the planning meetings for the past few months, it’s going to be a great time! I hope all of you had a great July the 4th and celebrated our nation’s birthday properly by hanging out with friends and family and came back after the celebration with all your fingers and thumbs!  I was pleased to see a slew of clubs going out and doing the parade thing as I perused social media.  As I write these updates, sometimes there is a lot going on and sometimes there isn’t much at all happening and this is one of those times where its mostly status quo on the land use front. Just because there isn’t much to report on land use, doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on in the background.  My last update conjured a slew of emails regarding the digital format change over of the In Gear.  I can’t thank you enough for all the emails and phone calls I received regarding this. Thank you very much to each and every one of you who wrote, I tried to reply to each of you. We (the board) have had some serious discussions regarding this and the general thought is that this will be brought before the membership in February next year at convention.  Listen, the cost of everything is going up.  If, you, the membership chooses to spend the money to keep it in print, then so be it. If the masses decide to go digital, then that’s what we’ll do.  In the end, it’s up to you, the member. As I write this, I’m getting ready for the North District meeting coming up this Saturday. Unfortunately, I won’t attend in person for this particular meeting but will be there via Zoom.  I would hope to see as many members of the North attend as possible as I have said many times in the past, the stagnant same people seem to be the only ones who continue to show up (nothing personal, stagnant same people) and it’s hard to get new ideas, new thought processes and excitement when it’s the same people, all the time.  It’s not just the north, it’s the south and central too.  What can I do to motivate you to at least attend via Zoom?  For you central and southern folks, I’ll be at both of your meetings in person this month and I cordially invite you all to come and hang out with your district board and see what’s happening, see what’s being planned for the future of Cal4Wheel, come hang out and have a great time!  You don’t have to be a delegate but it would be even nicer if we could get all the delegates to attend from those districts clubs too!  We (the board) need to hear your voice, we need to hear your concerns, we need to hear your complaints.  The district meetings are a great way to get that done. Well, I think that’s enough for now… ‘Til the next update…

  • Update from the president - June 20, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on June 20, 2022 at 9:34 pm

    Well, by now you have all received the email about the In Gear and the potential of moving towards a digital format. This was one of many subjects discussed at the Board of Directors June meeting a week ago and it was not easy to discuss. I’m like most of you, I prefer a hard copy but after looking how much money the magazine is hemorrhaging, it’s hard to keep doing what we’re doing when that money we’re essentially throwing away could go to so much more, than nothing.  There is no solid decision made yet but before the board does anything, we wanted to reach out to everyone and get a solid opinion from the membership. The reason the In Gear is losing money is the fact that the sponsors and advertisers that used to line the pages have decided not to anymore. This is nothing new. I can remember once upon a time reading 4WD, Car Craft and Hotrod magazine – all of which have suffered the same fate – lack of sponsor/advertisements.  Sad to say, there may be a time where magazines are a memory of the past. It’s not that we are trying to upset everyone or just give up on the printed In Gear, we ARE looking for ways to keep it, but those potentially may come up empty and we are faced then what we are faced with now, throwing money away that could be used for something useful. If you have any ideas, thoughts, input, please, feel free to email me: [email protected] Speaking of decisions, a slew of them were made this past board meeting up at the office in Sacramento and I feel that the weekend was very efficient and everyone worked tirelessly before hand to make sure we were all prepared walking into the meeting. The board has finalized and approved the year contract for our NRC Rose Winn! The June board meeting is the hardest because of all the contract stuff and your board went above and beyond this time around and I am very proud the entire board and of the work we accomplished and can’t wait for what the rest of the year brings. Be on the lookout for new apparel items and new ideas from our State Merchandise Chair Shawn Bell coming soon! I am excited to see what we all can do this year and equally excited to come see you at your club meetings and at our upcoming Sierra Trek, which is right around the corner. I’ll be bringing more information and plans moving forward in upcoming updates and when I come visit your club. Stay safe and keep all your fingers this 4th of July. ‘Til the next update…

  • Update from the president - June 4, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on June 4, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    I think I have removed all the sand and dirt from this past weekend fabulous Hi Desert Round-Up, enough to see the screen to write this week’s update. Other than the less than spectacular wind that made its presence known Friday through Sunday, gusting upwards of what felt like 70mph, the overall event was awesome, and we had a great turnout!

  • Trekking in the Sierras
    by [email protected] (Chris Collard) on May 26, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    SIERRA TREK CELEBRATES ITS 55TH ANNIVERSARY The morning sun streamed through tall stands of fir and pine, taking the edge off the alpine chill and illuminating a dusty two-track that disappeared into the forest. Ed Dunkley poured a cuppa joe and glanced down the row of flat fenders, CJs, and Scouts before him. They were lined up for a new trail ride event, a 13-mile traverse of an old mining road to the Gold Rush boomtown of Summit City. After a short driver’s meeting he loaded up, turned the key, and led his small posse into the next chapter of the region’s storied chronical.

  • Update from the president - April 25, 2022
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein, Cal4Wheel President) on April 25, 2022 at 7:22 pm

    I hope this update finds you all in great health and are planning your trips to Molina Ghost Run and Hi Desert Round-Up! Coming up soon! Molina Ghost Run Our annual Molina Ghost Run, hosted by the Central District, has been traditionally held at the Clear Creek Management Area near Coalinga. The area is currently under a closure order by the Bureau of Land Management, so the event is being held at the Hollister Hills SVRA instead. It is six miles west of Hollister in San Benito County. We have the entire SVRA Off Road Park to ourselves, so don't miss out on this fun place to wheel! After learning there wasn't going to be a kids' raffle this year at the Molina Ghost Run, the West Coast Crawlers (a new Central District club voted in this past weekend), stepped up to help. They are collecting donations so they can make it happen for the kids. Please consider donating. The raffle is May 14. Hi Desert Round-Up Hi Desert Round-Up is at the end of the month and will be the 50th year running! HDR is hosted by the South District and will be held at the Slash X Café off Hwy 247 in Barstow California. Keith Graham (the Chairman) and I (co-chair) are looking for clubs to host some games (great fun!) and raffle donations. Hi Desert Round-Up is traditionally held on Memorial Day Weekend and we look forward to all the veterans and current serving armed forces personnel to attend as we have some special things planned for you all! HDR is a huge event for families and look forward to seeing all the kids tackle the kids games on Sunday and smiling faces for the kids raffle Sunday evening! District meetings In other great news, I had the opportunity to attend the South District meeting in person at Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga this past weekend and the South District voted in a new Vice President, Don Rybarczyk and a new membership chair, Danette Starksen! Congratulations to you both! I look forward to seeing what you both bring to the board of directors! We tried to host a integrated Zoom/in person meeting and had some technical issues that I think have since been resolved (hopefully with some fancy camera/microphones) and will hopefully have a better experience for those at home who were unable to meet up in person. The Central District also had their district meeting the same day Giottos Alarm Tech in Tulare. I attended virtually and will be up there in person for their next District meeting. They voted in a brand new club, West Coast Crawlers – congratulations and welcome to the association! I heard the Central District also had some technical issues and are also working on fixing those too. Be patient with everyone as we find what works best for our different scenarios and delve into more technology than we have had to in the past. I would love to see more involvement from the clubs/individual members at the district meetings. I would love to know why you didn’t attend in the past meetings this month for your district, can I do something to get you to attend? The more participation we have, the better work we can all do. I’m putting a challenge out to all of you to attend the next round of district meetings in July. With the Zoom and in person options out there, it should be fairly easy to attend and let your voice be heard. Club meetings I have been attending as many club meetings as possible with my current workload and have recently attended the San Diego 4WD, Capo Valley 4WD club, Waywegos and Point Mugu meetings this past couple of weeks and have plans to start meeting up at some Central District and North District clubs soon! I have been very excited to get out there and see the clubs in person and hope to see each and everyone of you here in the next two years. Well, time to get to work. 'Til the next update…