El Dorado National Forest

  • Caldor Fire Area Closure
    on December 2, 2021 at 6:00 am

    To protect public safety it is prohibited to go into or being upon National Forest System lands, roads, or trails in the Caldor Fire area. Forest Order 03-21-21. This is a new order with a reduced footprint.

Tahoe National Forest

  • Oxbow: Helicopter operations in area, use caution
    on November 2, 2021 at 5:00 am

    Oxbow Raft Launch will be used as helicopter LZ intermittently through December, 2021. Use caution in area.

  • ALERT: Temp. road closures - Imminent hazards: flooding, mudslides, rockslides
    on October 24, 2021 at 5:00 am

    Due to the significant rainfall that the region is currently experiencing, the Tahoe National Forest would like to caution our road users, forest visitors, partners and other agencies of the potential for localized flooding, downed trees, mudslides, rockslides and hazardous driving conditions on all of our roads. %3Au%3AObstacles may appear rapidly and without warning%3A/u%3A in the roadway and adjacent drainages resulting in impassable or severely limited access. We ask that all users of the forest stay tuned to local conditions and forecasts from local, state and regional weather agencies prior and during travel on the National Forest, County and State routes in the boundaries of the National Forest. The Tahoe National forest will strive to provide transportation system updates to the public of reported hazards on our website and we ask that all users utilize prudent discretion before travelling on or about the National Forest Road system.

  • Seasonal Prescribed Burning Begins on the Tahoe National Forest
    on October 22, 2021 at 5:00 am

    With the turn of the season comes the change in focus from wildfires to prescribed fires on the Tahoe National Forest. In the coming weeks, the Forest’s fire managers plan to implement prescribed fire operations as conditions and resources permit. The goals of these prescribed fire projects are to reduce the severity of future wildfires, restore forest health and diversity, and provide added protection for communities in the wildland urban interface. Prescribed fire will help to promote a more fire and pest resilient forest, and improve habitat for wildlife. [read more]

  • Closure: Rattlesnake Road - FS 85 RD
    on July 23, 2021 at 5:00 am

    The FS 85 RD, Rattlesnake Rd, north from Cisco Grove is closed per Forest Order No. 17-21-07. Sterling, Mossy Pond, Fordyce, Upper Lola Montez are all inaccessable by FS 85 RD.

  • French Meadow: Extreme Winter Weather Rehabilitation and Water Notice
    on May 13, 2021 at 5:00 am

    The U.S. Forest Service is working on clearing downed trees and assessing damage from a winter wind event near French Meadows. This may result in delayed openings to campgrounds and other recreation facilities. PCWA are currently working on restoring the water systems at French Meadows. Individuals recreating in the area should plan to bring their own water.

  • Sugar Pine Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Wet Weather Management Plan
    on November 6, 2020 at 6:00 am

    Beginning fall of 2020, the Sugar Pine Off-Highway Vehicle %3AOHV%3A Wet Weather Management Plan will be implemented for OHV Roads and Trails on American River Ranger District. This will increase OHV riding opportunities by adopting a more flexible open/close strategy for riding in Foresthill CA. This soil-moisture condition-based approach will help Trail Managers determine when existing OHV roads and trails should be opened or closed in the Sugar Pine Motorized Trail System area. The associated operating plan will minimize resource damage caused by travel during wet weather periods. The removal of the fixed wet weather seasonal closure dates are expected to reduce future sediment delivery and improve water quality. Up to date closure status can be found at the voicemail %3A530%3A-478-6254 x228. During fall and winter months, please check this number frequently to get up to date OHV riding opportunities and closure status

  • Changes to fuelwood program
    on September 4, 2020 at 5:00 am

    The Tahoe National Forest is changing the personal firewood permits process. Please see the permits page and contact your local ranger district for more information. All calls to the Supervisor's Office regarding fuelwood will be referred to District offices.

  • Outdoor Recreation and COVID-19
    on April 2, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Outdoor recreation can be beneficial for your health but must be practiced safely. We recommend exercising close to your home and complying with local and state guidance for not traveling for your recreation needs. If an area is crowded, please search for a less occupied location. Stay safe. For more on avoiding COVID-19, visit


  • BLM seeks public input on improvements to South Cow Mountain OHV Area
    by [email protected] (Bureau of Land Management) on January 12, 2022 at 11:30 pm

    Virtual meeting January 20, 5:30PM The BLM Ukiah Field Office will host a virtual public engagement workshop on Thursday, January 20, starting at 5:30 p.m., to hear public input on how to make the South Cow Mountain OHV Management Area more family friendly, increase safety and improve the trail system. The virtual public engagement workshop will provide an opportunity for the public to propose future routes, facilities and other improvements by using an interactive map at the popular off-highway vehicle recreation site. The public is invited to provide feedback to the BLM that will help identify new trails and redesign routes for better connectivity, find safer solutions for shared trails, provide greater public access, and offer a more enjoyable experience. South Cow Mountain encompasses more than 23,000 acres of BLM-managed public land with more than 90 miles of OHV trails, two developed staging areas and campgrounds. Some of the existing trails are too steep for even the most equipped off-highway vehicles and experienced riders; causing erosion that requires substantial route maintenance. Recreation area users have requested more family-friendly features, such as a training area for kids, additional campgrounds or RV parking and restrooms. The BLM staff will also use this planning effort to help minimize impacts to sensitive plants and animals, cultural sites and slow the spread of invasive species. The California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division is funding the planning efforts through an OHV planning grant. The state program supports OHV recreation in California by distributing more than $35 million annually collected from gas tax, entrance fees and OHV sticker registrations.  To participate in the workshop, please register at least 30 minutes prior to the event at Please contact us for reasonable accommodations to participate. For specific questions, please contact Ashley Poggio at [email protected] The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land located primarily in 12 western states, including Alaska, on behalf of the American people. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. Our mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

  • National Park Service announces fee-free days for 2022
    by [email protected] (Shawn Bell) on December 30, 2021 at 2:12 am

    The National Park Service offers entrance fee-free days every year, and 2022 is no exception. The entrance-free dates for 2022 are: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Monday, January 17 First Day of National Park Week - Saturday, April 16 Great American Outdoors Act Anniversary  - Thursday, August 4 National Public Lands Day - Saturday, September 24 Veterans Day  - Friday, November 11 “Whether on an entrance fee-free day or throughout the year, we encourage everyone to discover their national parks and the benefits that come from spending time outdoors,” said National Park Service Director Chuck Sams. “National parks are for everyone and we are committed to increasing access and providing opportunities for all to experience the sense of wonder, awe and refreshment that comes with a visit to these treasured landscapes and sites.” Activities within the parks (camping, boat launching, special tours, etc.) may still incur standard fees; the entrance fee waiver is only for … well, the entrance fee. Within the state of California, there are 28 National Parks, 10 Wild & Scenic Rivers, and National Recreation Areas all managed by the National Park Service (including the Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park - two GREAT places with AWESOME trails, and home to the Cal4Wheel Death Valley Experience!) #nationalparkservice #cal4wheel #dve2022 #deathvalleyexperience

  • Robert Reed accepts nomination for Cal4Wheel president
    by [email protected] (Robert Reed) on December 5, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    Update December 31, 2021: My goals for our Association currently include: Getting us back into the “Land Use” business by: Contracting for NRC(s): I know the BOD has been trying to find acceptable contractor(s) and I will continue this effort if it has not been completed by the time we have our elections. This could include additional advertising, direct outreach to selected individuals, and possibly recruiting from within our Association. Interns: The possible use of interns has been floated within the BOD. While I’m NOT opposed to this, we need to remain focused on long term solutions such as filling our NRC contracts which may be augmented with interns. Possible stipends for volunteers: We need to face the reality that with the current labor situation in our nation today that we may not be able to find suitable contractors or interns for quite some time. We need to be ready to mobilize and motivate volunteers to attend meetings, review documents, comment on plans, etc. in support of our land use efforts. To do this we need to facilitate the development of our volunteers including possible training in: Public Speaking; Comment Writing; Communication; etc. We also need to be prepared to help with any expenses that the volunteers incur on our behalf. This kind of program needs to be managed such that we get the right people into the right place at the right time. We also need to coach them on reporting back to the BOD, etc. Taking full advantage of the Foundation’s new ability to fund lawsuits: This is a fantastic new capability to be run through our Foundation which should allow it to take tax deductible donations and to direct them toward specific lawsuits to defend our rights to recreate on public lands. Cooperation: Align ourselves with other organizations where our goals and objectives overlap. Our recent alignment with EcoLogic is a perfect example. This won’t be joining others to “just be a member”, these will be alliances with a true quid pro quo. Political activism: We need to get back into political activism. We used to be very big in this, but it’s been some time since we’ve done much in this area. Maybe we want to bring back the “Adopt-A-Politician” effort that we once used to promote very actively. This would rely heavily on our volunteer effort too, involving training, possible reimbursement of expenses, etc. Communication: All of the above relies heavily on, and revolves around COMMUNICATION. I can’t stress this enough. We must simply get the word out and keep getting it out on what we’re doing and where we need help. We need to reach out to and empower our volunteers. We must keep the members informed of what’s going on to the maximum extent possible. We have a great Social Media Team and I intend on using them! Enabling the BOD to be more “Agile” and to respond quickly by: Further developing the ability to act in between Board meetings without waiting for weeks or months to have a meeting in order to take action on an issue. This of course must be done in compliance and within our by-laws and procedures. Zoom is a proven tool and we’ll continue to use it. Follow up on commitments that we make, and COMPLETING them in a timely fashion, rather than coming back and talking about them every three months and not making any progress. I’ll remind the action owners of their commitments and responsibilities between meetings and ask for written responses to be submitted at meetings. Tracking our progress on issues using metrics where ever possible. This will enable us to determine what is working and what may not be working so that we can adjust our activities as necessary to get the best return on investment. Continue to ensure that the BOD remains to be good stewards of our members money while using it to properly and efficiently support our goals. Fully supporting our volunteers. As you see from the above our volunteers are core to our activities and programs. We must: Find new ways to appreciate and develop our volunteers. Enable our volunteers to perform public outreach (show who we are and what we do), etc. Yes, this is ambitious and I can’t do it all alone. What I can provide is the leadership and vision to take us in the direction of meeting these goals and developing and using volunteers to the maximum extent possible. Why should I be President? As you can see from the above there are a lot of things that I would like to continue and others to further develop. I believe that we need continuity of leadership in our Association. We have a relatively new Treasurer who is still learning the job; We have a relatively new President who has done a great job in overcoming insurmountable issues. I have worked with him in the background providing advice and suggestions. I will continue to work with him as our incoming immediate Past President in the manner that our founders intended. We have a very strong complement of District Vice Presidents which I will work with. I understand the budget and know how to work within it, I understand the by-laws, SOPs, and I WILL WORK within them. I know how to do this job, I’ve done it before, and with your help I CAN DO IT AGAIN! If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at: [email protected] Two years ago, Jack Chapman was elected President of Cal4Wheel. Just a couple weeks after his election COVID hit and everything went downhill from there. We were in a lock down, businesses were closed, things we had taken for granted for years were suddenly gone. Cal4 was not immune from the effects of the pandemic, our events were cancelled and with that, sources for much of our income dried up. Jack inherited the worst set of conditions that any President of Cal4 has ever faced. If that weren’t enough, he had a few members of the board of directors (BOD) that weren’t working with him and in fact took every opportunity they could to undermine and discredit him. Most of the people who were orchestrating this are now gone from the board but a couple remain as sitting members of the BOD. The fact that any member of the BOD could take part in something like this is reprehensible and is totally unacceptable in our organization. At the North District meeting in early October, I nominated Jack to continue as our president for another term. Since that meeting, Jack has reconsidered and is looking at laying the foundation for the next phases of his life that will take him into retirement. Don’t get me wrong, Jack has done a fantastic job weathering the storm that he was dealt by nature and from within the board (which should NEVER happen). At the Central District meeting a few weeks ago, I was nominated in absentia to represent you as the next CAL4 President. To say the least, this was a surprise to me. After thinking long and hard about this and hearing from people in each district and out of state asking me to accept the nomination, I have decided to ACCEPT the nomination to potentially be your next President. I am uniquely qualified for this position (more detail below). I have held various positions in the Association and I want to help get the Association back into the “Land Use” business, and I want to work to bring the BOD back to center doing their jobs, and will strive to STOP the backstabbing and backhanded dealings and any other conduct that is unbecoming. I will also enforce the by-laws and Standard Operating Procedures. Remember, Cal4 is a business. We are an organization governed by governmental laws, corporate by-laws, and organizational Standard Operating Procedures, the procedures that govern how we conduct nearly all aspects of our business. If we don’t adhere to our governing documents, we run the risk of descending into anarchy which can jeopardize the organization, and its goals. Given this, YES there are a set of us that become quite vocal when we see our procedures not being followed and/or the organization being taken advantage of. Some of my qualifications and accomplishments: Over 35 years as a member of the association and over 15 years as a Life Member 2 years as Sierra Trek Co-chair  2 years as Sierra Trek Chair ~10 years as Sierra Trek Registration Chairman Chaired Feather River Fun Days the first year Trek was cancelled ~1.5 years as President of the California League of Off-Road Voters (CLORV) 2 years as North District Vice President 6 years as President of the association, during which I: Led the selection team and hiring of our office manager Led the selection teams and awarded contracts for TWO natural resource consultants Represented Cal 4 with the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame selection committee for ~5 years, during which time several of our members were inducted Worked with the South District in authorizing Operation Desert Fun in 2004, and defended it against organizations that didn’t want us to have the event Brought “openness” to the Cal 4 budget process, introducing procedures that are basically still followed today Authorized the creation of the South District Events Checking account, making it easier for the SD to conduct business Brought reciprocal agreements to bear with several off-road organizations trading space at our events with space at their events (CORVA, ORBA, United, etc.) Represented Cal 4 at the National OHV Lobby Day in Washington D.C. including meetings with ~ 6 congressmen and the Honorable Gayle Norton (Secretary of the Interior) Selected by Congressman Richard Pombo to be an official greeter for First Lady Laura Bush during a campaign event for him. This was a direct outcome of meetings that I attended with him representing Cal4. Secured donation of a camping trailer which we raffled off as a fundraiser Paid off the mortgage on the building Reestablished the life member CD after paying off the building Implemented the requirement to carry insurance on the raffle vehicle after discovering that we hadn’t been carrying insurance on the vehicle for years. We’ve had insurance on the vehicle every year since. Got booth space at SEMA donated to Cal4 starting in 2009. This ran through ~2014 when the donation went to 50% of the cost of a booth at SEMA 4 years on the BOD as immediate Past President Worked with Del Albright on the initial formation of Friends of the Rubicon surveying the first work to be done in May of 2001 8 years as State Merchandise Chair over which time I had gross sales of $131,623 against $57,896 in expenses for a net profit of $73,727 during my tenure before turning it over to Steve Gardiner Ed Dunkley medal of honor winner (2007) Led the Audit Committee for the past two years Led the committee recommending that we establish a commercial line of credit against the building to have as a tool in future lean years. The BOD approved this proposal and the Treasurer is currently implementing it. Personally drove ~250,000 miles over the years in support of Cal4 activities with <10% being reimbursed I’ve been told that “I understand the Cal4 budget better than anyone”. I would add to that statement “except for possibly one or two people” Other qualifications with application to CAL4: Spent over 40 years as an engineer working at a large government laboratory: Over the course of my career, I have written and managed many multi-million dollar contracts including the RFP process, awards, and execution At retirement I was a Section Leader with a staff of over 100, and was managing annual budgets of ~$35M Worked with various government regulators and audit teams My opponent says that “I am the past.” Well, from above I think I’ve made some pretty good contributions to the Association in the PAST and will continue to make them into the future. I seriously doubt that my opponent could name three things that I’ve done before reading this. I currently HAVE the skills necessary to lead the association and the processes to get us back into the land use business while growing and preserving our Association with honesty and integrity. I’m not sure my opponent has the skills, knowledge and abilities to do this, but that’s your decision as delegates. Another thing to think about: go back and review the FAILED by-laws from our last Convention. Several of these were authored by a person that my opponent cites as a mentor. The problem is that some of these proposals seemed vindictive and targeted specific individuals on the BOD. How deep does this run, and does my opponent share the views of these failed amendments?? Just something to add to your thought process. If you put your trust in me to lead this organization again, I WILL work with Jack in the manner that our founders intended that a president and past president should. Together we will all get the Aasociation back into the land use business and back to the organization we are capable of being. I will do everything I can to END the bickering and infighting on the BOD. I will faithfully enforce our Code of Conduct and strengthen it as necessary. Together, WE CAN DO THIS. If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at: [email protected]

  • Josh Epstein accepts nomination for Cal4Wheel president
    by [email protected] (Josh Epstein) on November 9, 2021 at 2:51 am

    I've always been the guy who goes above and beyond with anything I do — I immerse myself in all I do and give it 110%, always. Why do it if you’re just going to half-ass it? I kept thinking about that when I started my column this issue and revised it over and over as an attempt to make it perfect. This is a pretty big column for me this month and may affect my life dramatically for the foreseeable future, allow me to explain… I was 12 when I got hooked into off-roading when I heard a mechanic neighbor of mine talking about Jeeps and this cool trail called the Rubicon that he took his Jeep on and if I ever got the chance, I should go. I soon figured out a way to buy that Jeep, an old 1978 Jeep Grand Cherokee which has an entire story of its own. This eventually introduced me to my future wife and future uncle in-law, Mike Hardy, who is a member of the Hemet Jeep Club (HJC). I was mesmerized by long tales the Hemet Jeep Club and its rich history dating back to 1948, hearing of Cal4Wheel, along with its own rich history and how the HJC is a charter member of Cal4Wheel. Eventually, his stories motivated me to become a member of the Hemet Jeep Club and eventually hold the position of president. One fateful year, I was chosen to be the delegate for the Hemet Jeep Club and went to my first Cal4Wheel convention in Sacramento, where I dragged along fellow club member (and C4W alum/long-time volunteer of C4W) Mike Ledbetter for moral support. I was nervous for the upcoming weekend since I had no idea what to expect and felt like I would be excluded the entire weekend being the ‘new guy’ — what a complete opposite experience I had. I was taken aback by the generosity of everyone I met. From the people at registration, to every member we ran into that knew Mike and the overall camaraderie of all that were there. I saw members like Peety Woll (North District VP at the time), Bonnie Ferguson (South District secretary), Jim Bramham (North District VP/past president), and the very first president of this association Steve Morris walking the hallways. I thought how cool they seemed in the sense that they were part of the board of directors, something bigger than me and my club and how they were making a change and how they were fighting to keep the public lands open that I love. I was also lucky enough to hear Steve Morris speak that weekend and was mesmerized by his speech. By some dumb luck, I ran into Mr. Morris in a hallway where we had a great conversation about the association, and my home club, which he regaled stories from the past that I soaked up like a sponge. That changed my life and my love for this association. One fateful afternoon that weekend at convention, I ran into this guy Alan Bauer (former South District VP) and started chatting it up with him. Soon thereafter, Alan and the association had their hooks in me, and I ran for the South District membership chair position. My first board meeting after being voted in was a great experience. Bonnie Steele made me feel comfortable and took me under her wing to explain all about the association that at the time I had very little knowledge of, and helped me (even to this day) figure out this fascinating new job and association with an unbelievably rich history. Time eventually passed and Alan had to move due to work. I spent some sleepless nights thinking about the possibility of becoming the South District VP. After talking to other board members, my family and friends within the association, I decided to move forward and become the South District vice president. I am so very proud of being the South District vice president and now know without a doubt it was one of the best decisions of my life. Why am I writing all of this? Everyone that has ever been or is currently on the board understands this underlying feeling of commitment and pride working with this great association. I have been lucky to have some great leadership in front of me and unbelievable past leadership to learn from and to work with. I feel that the time is now to continue where our President Jack Chapman has led us. Therefore, I accepted the nomination this past last month at the South District meeting and am officially announcing my campaign for the presidency of California Four Wheel Drive Association. I feel it’s time for me to lead this great association into the future and onto its next chapter. As I write this, Jack has accepted a nomination for a second term and Past President Robert Reed has also accepted a nomination. I feel that Mr. Reed is the past, Mr. Chapman is status quo and I, could be the future. All the past presidents have done a great job leading the association to where we are today through horrible financial years, low membership numbers and even Covid-19! I wish to continue where they left off, but also bring the association back to its roots in land use and battling to keep our public lands, public, while embracing new technology and ideas to implement this vision. All of which revolves around better appreciation of and help from all of our hard-working volunteers who work tirelessly at our state events and shows all over state promoting Cal4Wheel, whom I feel don’t get the immense amount of credit they deserve. I want to work with the other organizations and individuals to help with this never-ending battle regarding land use, but also want to remember how we got here in the first place by querying our past leaders and working with our board to engage with the general membership and life members to have a clear line of communication from the president and board of directors, which seems to have failed in the past few years; communication is key to everything. I feel that we should be working more directly with the life members, communicate more often and together, to make this association greater than it has ever been. The life members have been integral in past years, and we need to remember our past, like how the life members made it possible to purchase the Win-A-Jeep this year after a very turbulent 2020, where events and shows we relied on were canceled due to C19. How many of you know that if it weren't for the life members, we wouldn't have this wonderful building here in Sacramento? I can't thank the life members enough for what they have done and continue to do. I truly think they are an invaluable asset that the association doesn't utilize as much as they should, where we could easily work together for the future and do great things for this association! Leadership comes from the front and sets the pace for the rest of the board of directors — not pointing fingers from the back of the pack. True leadership holds itself accountable for mistakes and is fully transparent with its constituents. True leadership is what this association needs, not management. The most efficient work is done between board meetings, not at them. This is where I feel I shine above and beyond. I feel that I can lead this great association more effectively and efficiently. Why me? What have I’ve done? Why am I asking for your consideration? First off, I'm not perfect, I have made some and am going to make some mistakes. The difference is, I learn from my mistakes and own up to them, not pass the buck. I want to work more closely with the board, the membership and moreover, follow through with what is promised and discussed. I feel that many empty promises have been made to the membership and just swept under the rug. I will hold myself and the board accountable for every decision and will provide you a clear, open line of communication to not only myself, but the board. Most of you have no idea who I am other than a guy who writes an article every other month. Trying to write about why you should pick me other than someone else is incredibly hard. I have worked many a booth as SD membership chair and SDVP. I have made it my mission to attend every Zoom meeting regarding land use in the past 18 months in the absence of our NRC’s as to try and fill a gap until those positions are filled. I also had a small part in building last year’s Win-A-Jeep. I didn’t want that great honor to seem like a platform for my potential presidency, but I feel that it holds validity, I did it because it was the right thing to do, I had the skill and shop to make it happen. I have owned and operated my company for the past 22 years in Hemet, California. I have supported wife Christina and three kids, aged 12, 10 and 5 (at this point in their lives, they’re more concerned with Christmas than my potential presidency). I was the chair of the 2020 and 2021 Hi Desert Round-Up, and will be co-chair for HDR 2022. I was the co-chair to Operation Desert Fun last year and was the trail boss coordinator this year. C19 prevented me from attending as many meetings as I wanted to attend, but now that’s subsided somewhat, I’m working on getting to the club meetings. I plan to attend as many meetings as I can while on the board, even if I don’t get your vote in February. I want you to know that I really do care about your clubs and your concerns. Perception and reality is a big thing and I want to change your perception of not only me, but the association too! I feel I have a great rapport with everyone on the board and in the association that I have come in contact with. This is greatly important as to be more efficient and productive which has been an issue in the past. I feel that my leadership style will not only motivate people but allow them to have a good time while doing it. I feel that I’m the best choice to motivate and lead this association onto the next chapter by knowing our history, knowing our members and being the leader you all deserve, so when our kids/grandkids are looking back in 20 years, there will be a larger, more efficient Cal4Wheel, and more open, public land for their children to enjoy! My goals are simple: Increase membership by using new/existing technology to promote C4W by using the brand that we already have and make it more noticeable, more relevant, and more exciting. There are too many people who don’t know what C4W is or stands for and that needs to change. Work with the board, not against it. I feel I am the best choice to bring unity within the board since I bring a unique leadership style rather than management, which promotes excitement and pride, rather than distaste and content. Make land advocacy a priority and bring that feeling of pride of membership back to C4W. Bring that excitement about becoming a C4W member by changing the perception of C4W being old and outdated, to an organization with a rich history and a bright future. Build up our events and membership, increase attendance at the events to help generate revenue to help with our core mission, land advocacy and increase membership statewide by better public relations and the image of our great association. In closing, I'm not perfect. I cannot do this alone. I'll lean on all the members of the board of directors to help bring this vision to fruition by working together by being unified. This position is bigger than just one person; it's going take the entire association with potential criticism and ideas on how to move forward from the membership. I’ll be the person to listen and work with each and every one of you. I’m not doing this for myself, to enlarge my ego or put a notch in my belt, I’m doing it for the association; C4W needs a true, humble leader. Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to email me: [email protected] Please query the other candidates too! Make sure whoever you choose to lead you in February is the best fit for your needs.

  • BLM reminds the public to recreate responsibly at Imperial Sand Dunes
    by [email protected] (Bureau of Land Management, El Central Field Office) on October 26, 2021 at 3:24 am

    Leaving camp gear unattended is prohibited on public lands The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) is a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy a beautiful, outdoor desert camping experience.  As we head into the busy recreation season, the BLM would like to remind the public this popular destination is a shared space to be actively enjoyed by many and reserving a space or “ghost camping” by leaving camp gear unattended on BLM-managed public land is prohibited.  “Ghost camping is the prepositioning of motorhomes and equipment by individuals in an effort to reserve a campsite for later use,” explained El Centro Field Office Chief Ranger Camilo Gonzalez. “We are seeing an increase in vacant campsites where people have clearly come days ahead of their planned trip to set up their equipment and leave, to return days later, creating an unfair advantage to those campers and recreators who abide by the rules.”  To combat this issue and ensure an equitable opportunity for all visitors, BLM Rangers will be increasing proactive patrols throughout the ISDRA to educate recreators and deter reserving campsites by leaving unattended property.  Rangers will also be enforcing the 14-day camping limit, as well as illegal dumping and littering.  Offenders are subject to citations and vehicle towing at the owner’s expense.  Also remember to adhere to COVID-19 precautions, which include practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizer and wearing a face covering, while visiting ISDRA and all BLM locations.  Always ride safe to prevent unnecessary hospital visits. For more information, visit the ISDRA webpage and follow us on Facebook to learn more about ISDRA, telephone at (760) 337-4400, or email [email protected] with questions.  This year, we invite everyone to reimagine your public lands as we celebrate 75 years of the BLM’s stewardship and service to the American people. The BLM manages approximately 245 million acres of public land located primarily in 12 Western states, including Alaska. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. The agency’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

  • Long-time Cal4Wheel historian Viola Haviland passes away
    by [email protected] (Super User) on October 16, 2021 at 11:44 pm

    Viola Haviland, 83, of Mountain Ranch, California, passed away peacefully on October 10, 2021. Vi was raised in the Bay Area, where she graduated from San Lorenzo High School and met and married Art Archer. Afterward, they created Archer Brothers with his brother Garner. She worked in banking, and then together with her daughter Jamie, they founded Wild Things Beads. Love has no age, as she married Burton Haviland in 2008 at the age of 70, and he helped indulge her love of travel during their retirement years. [widgetkit id="82" name="Vi Haviland gallery"] Viola was one of the first women off-road racers. Vi was a historian for Cal4Wheel and a member of the Northern California Bead Society. Throughout her years, she enjoyed square dancing and playing the piano, along with sewing quilts, clothes and wedding dresses. Viola is survived by her husband Burton Haviland, her sister-in-law Bonnie Attleson, her children Jamie and Guy, Annette and Ed, Bruce and Debbie; her stepchildren Donna, Burton Jr., Dwayne, Robert, Angela; and her 25 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. She was predeceased by her sons Garry and Henry. We request all of Viola's loved ones to join us in celebrating her beautiful life on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 254 West Saint Charles Street in San Andreas, CA. Viewing at 8:30-10AM, service 10-11AM.

  • 42nd annual Mojave Road Rendezvous to honor Dennis & Jo Ann Casebier
    by [email protected] (William Creech) on September 10, 2021 at 2:23 am

    This year’s annual Rendezvous event will also serve as the memorial service for MDHCA founder and Mojave historian Dennis and his wife Jo Ann Casebier. Given the significance of what their efforts meant to the off-road exploration and Mojave Desert communities, MDHCA is opening up this year’s Rendezvous to Non-Members as well as Members. Non-Members will be required to pay a $10/person registration fee (you will receive two tickets for the Door Prize drawing) with children 12 and under FREE. You can also opt to become a Member which is $25/yr and covers the immediate family. Saturday night dinner is provided with a suggested donation of $10/person. Rendezvous will take place October 7-10th with trips, onsite Mill demonstrations, presentations, and workshops covering various topics being offered Friday and Saturday, including Blacksmithing as well as an EMHT trip planning workshop. The Memorial Service will be at 3pm on Saturday afternoon followed by dinner and an informal “Tales from the Trail” regarding Dennis and Jo Ann. So, if you have a story to share or just want to hear some – this is your chance. Sunday there will be a field trip to Mitchell Caverns – advanced signup required – this trip incurs a State Park fee of $10/person and space is limited. If that isn’t enough, there will be a Silent Auction, Door Prize drawing, and a Raffle that features a General Tire gift certificate good for any 4 tires, TWO $500 cash prizes, amongst many other very worthwhile prizes. Go to to view the specific events and offerings schedule, sign-up for what interests you, and plan your weekend. You may also call MDHCA at: 760-733-4482. Please email your RSVP to: [email protected] About the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association The mission of the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association is to research and conserve the natural and cultural history of the Mojave Desert region for the purpose of preserving and sharing these resources in perpetuity. To learn more, visit

  • Introducing BFGoodrich® OnTrail™
    by [email protected] (Suzy Johnson) on May 22, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    Unlock the world of off-roading with BFGoodrich® OnTrail, an off-roading app that is built to be easy to use and combines public trail information with insights from the BFGoodrich® OnTrail community, professional off-road partners, and professional off-road cartographers. Explore your limits as a driver, discover new trails, and find a community of people dedicated to doing the same. Share data, points-of-interest, photos, and more through BFGoodrich® OnTrail™. In-app missions and challenges let you earn points that add up to real rewards; and everything is backed by the Off-Road experts at BFGoodrich® Tires. BFGoodrich® has created a special offer for Cal4Wheel that includes six months free (total of 18-month membership) and a rebate of up to $100 via Visa® Reward Card ($70 Manufacturer’s Rebate plus $30 OnTrail App Rebate) after online submission with purchase of four (4) new select BFGoodrich® tires. They will also make a donation back to Cal4Wheel for each subscription. Use this link to get started:

  • Win-A-Jeep arrives at its new home
    by [email protected] (Jack Chapman, Cal4Wheel President) on April 9, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    Michael Thornburg was our winner of our raffle vehicle for last year, built by JEP Autoworks. It took some time and effort coordinating the transportation of this rig so that it could be shipped all the way across the United States. This rig has gone from the West Coast to the East Coast. Who would have thought someone in North Carolina would have been the lucky winner?

  • Four of five bylaw proposals fail
    by [email protected] (Don Spuhler, Bylaws Chair) on March 21, 2021 at 4:31 am

    There were five bylaw proposals submitted in 2020 for the 2021 annual meeting. The requirement for any to pass is a ‘yes’ vote by 2/3 of the delegates present at the annual meeting.