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July 27, 2018 – July 29, 2018 all-day

This run will be in to Barrett Lake for a weekend of camping/hiking/etc.

35s, 1 locker, winch, recovery points. 85″ total width or less.

This is going to be an interesting trip, as I will lead a group in on Friday morning, and then come back out by myself Friday evening. The group that stays up there on Friday will reserve campsites for the rest of the group coming in on Saturday. Friday morning group will meet at the Chevron in Fresh Pond at 8am.

We will need someone to “take charge” leading those in on Saturday that want to come in Saturday.

We will also need someone to “take charge” for coming out on Sunday.

Both, should, preferably, have experience on this trail if possible (not necessary though).

While at Barrett Lake on Saturday (or sunday too), there are 3 geocaches, and a great plane crash to check out. The plane crash is roughly a 2mile hike from the campsites.

What you need to do:
– Say if you are going on Friday or Saturday.
– If you can lead the group OUT on Sunday.
– If you are going in Saturday, can you lead the group IN?

The trail GPS tracks are in the link below, so there is no way you should get lost… just need someone willing to take charge on spotting people through the 3 difficult sections on Saturday and Sunday. I will take care of getting everyone through on Friday.

Is that complicated enough? lol×4-trail-review/