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Ultimate Dana 60 (UD60) Front Hub Re-grease
Parts Unknown
Posts: 2210

May 21, 2018 - 10:39 pm


I was long overdue to re-grease my front hubs and bearings. In searching the inter-webs, I found plenty of videos and write-ups for Dana 60s, but not the UD60 specifically. If you have a UD60, you can re-grease 1 hub in about 1 hour following these steps. Set all parts aside as they will all be reused except the hub seal.

What you will need: Dana 48816 (or equivalent, replaces 37729) hub seals, 2-1/2" spindle nut socket (if you're lucky), high-quality grease, other basic tools.


1. Remove tire.

step_01.jpgImage Enlarger

2. Remove caliper (do not let hang) and rotor.

step_02.jpgImage Enlarger

3. Remove the locking hub cap carefully and set aside.

step_03.jpgImage Enlarger

4. Remove the retaining screw circled in red and remove the gear and spring behind it.

step_04.jpgImage Enlarger

5. Carefully remove the inner retaining ring.

step_05.jpgImage Enlarger

6. Find the end of the outer retaining ring and carefully remove.

step_06.jpgImage Enlargerstep_07.jpgImage Enlarger

7. Slide out the body of the locking hub.

step_08.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_08.2.jpgImage Enlarger

8. If you are lucky, you will have a standard 6pt spindle nut (I have read on other forums that some UD60s have a different nut requiring a special socket). Locate the tab(s) on the lock ring that is bent outward and bend back.

step_09.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_09.2.jpgImage Enlarger

9. Using the 2-1/2" spindle nut socket remove the outer nut. Then slide off the tabbed locking ring and remove the inner nut.

step_10.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_10.2.jpgImage Enlarger

10. Slide off the hub being careful of the inner bearing as nothing is holding it in place any longer. The outer bearing is held in place by the hub seal on the back side. Set the hub on the hub seal side, remove the inner bearing and set it aside.

step_11.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_11.2.jpgImage Enlarger

11. Flip the hub over. I used heavy duty snips and vice grips, being careful of the outer bearing, to remove the old hub seal. This will NOT be reused. Once a side is bent up with the vice grips, I found tapping on the vice grips inward to be quite helpful. Once the hub seal is removed, remove and set aside the outer bearing.

step_12.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_12.2.jpgImage Enlargerstep_12.3.jpgImage Enlargerstep_13.1.jpgImage Enlarger

12. There's no getting around it... this is going to get messy! Clean out all the old grease from the hub.

step_13.2.jpgImage Enlargerstep_13.3.jpgImage Enlarger

13. Pack the hub with high-quality grease. I used AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease

step_14.1.jpgImage Enlarger

14. Clean the outer bearing, then pack it with fresh grease. I using the grease in palm method. Once packed with grease, place it in the hub.

step_14.2.jpgImage Enlarger

15. Place the new hub seal on the hub and use something to give you even pounding force to pound it flush. I used and old control arm.

step_15.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_15.2.jpgImage Enlargerstep_15.3.jpgImage Enlarger

16. Clean the spindle and apply a light layer of grease.

step_16.1.jpgImage Enlarger

17. Clean the inner bearing and pack with fresh grease. Once packed with grease, place it in the hub and carefully slide the hub back on to the spindle.

step_16.2.jpgImage Enlarger

18. IMPORTANT - start the inner spindle nut by hand and then torque to 95nm. Back off 90 degrees, and then re-torque to 27nm. I found these specs on another forum which stated they got them from Spicer.

step_17.jpgImage Enlarger

19. Slide the tabbed locking ring and then the outer spindle nut. I torqued the outer to 150ft-lbs. I found varying info on the torque spec for the outer so I picked something in the middle. Once torqued, bend at least 1 tab outward.

step_18.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_18.2.jpgImage Enlarger

20. Clean and lightly grease the locking hub components, then re-install in reverse order (see removal above).

step_19.1.jpgImage Enlargerstep_19.2.jpgImage Enlargerstep_19.3.jpgImage Enlarger

21. Reinstall the rotor and caliper. I'm posting both front and rear caliper specs for reference. The caliper adapter mounting bolts (the big bolts), front 130ft-lbs, rear 132ft-lbs. The caliper mounting pins (the little bolts), front 31ft-lbs, rear 24ft-lbs.

step_20.jpgImage Enlarger

sp_PlupAttachments Attachments
Posts: 354

May 22, 2018 - 6:37 am


Very good information Kevin. Very detailed. The other way to do it is get Dale to do it for you.

Posts: 9523

May 22, 2018 - 7:01 am


Thanks for the detailed step-by-step.

I used to wheel a lot. . .

Mike G
Newcastle, CA
Posts: 947
May 22, 2018 - 9:40 am


Very good write up I would definitely be confident enough after reading that to do it if I had that axle

Posts: 3042

May 22, 2018 - 5:49 pm


When should I bring mine over so you can practice? 


Gilbert & Betty
El Dorado Hills
Posts: 1389

May 24, 2018 - 8:36 am


Thanks Kevin a very good right up. You should right from chiltains.  

Parts Unknown
Posts: 2210

May 25, 2018 - 7:50 am


Gregulator said
When should I bring mine over so you can practice?   

You can bring it over and I'll supervise you! tongue

April 29, 2020 - 8:56 am


Thank you for posting this write up. I ordered what I needed from Summit, and with the help of your article I'm going to dive in today. 

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